Honeysuckle Farm Cattery

History of Our Cattery in Bath

Sue started the cattery in the spring of 1992, having previously run her own successful graphic design business. She always had a big love of animals, especially cats and you may often see some of her own wandering around the cattery grounds.

Highly Trained Staff

All of our staff are not only trained in animal care but are cat lovers themselves! Your cat will be fussed over as well as being correctly cared for!

Maureen worked as a veterinary nurse for twenty three years, both in London and Bath, before joining us in 2006. Her own cat is a Persian called Betty Blue

Sarah has a BTEC National Diploma in Animal Care from Lackham College. After completion she worked at Bath Cats and Dogs home before joining us in 2012


cat footprints
Cat chalet in Bath Cattery, Honeysuckle

staff Honeysuckle Cattery Bath

Sarah 1

Maureen of Honeysuckle Farm in Bristol, Honeysuckle residence


Sue of Honeysuckle Farm in Bristol, Honeysuckle residence

Cattery Bath chalet in hedge, about Honysuckle Cattery Bath

Cat Diets & Medication

We carry a large range of tinned and dry food and always feed cats their regular diet. We are happy to cater for any special dietary requirements. Please notify us of any veterinary diet or medication when booking.

Vaccinations & Veterinary Issues

In case of problems we have contact with all the local vets and always try and take a cat to its regular practice. In order to keep your cat safe from infection during their stay, all cats must be innoculated at least two weeks prior to their stay with us and a current vaccination certificate must be shown – there is more information on our booking page.