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See our FAQs below. For any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

General Questions About Cat Boarding

In our experience this very much depends on the personality and character of your cat. In general cats are territorial and home-loving creatures, so ideally for a day or two they may well be happy being left alone at home, with someone to come in and fuss and feed them. Longer term, however, a cat may become stressed and anxious about your absence – and you in turn will be anxious about their well-being. For your peace of mind and your cat’s welfare it is preferable to book your cat into a reputable cattery where you know he/she will be safely contained and have all his/her needs met.

We can board cats long term if required and keep them safe, happy and healthy, with plenty of love and attention.

Just as your cat may take a few days to settle in to the cattery environment, so also will he/she take a few days to settle back at home again. Your cat may be a little stressed and need time to explore home turf again before regaining his/her confidence. No change should last more than a few days, however – plenty of love and attention will soon have everything back to normal.

The best thing you can do is stay calm and stick to your normal routine right up until the time you put your cat in the carrier to deliver him to the cattery. Cats are very sensitive and likely to pick up on your anxiety if you are rushing around packing and over-fussing him/her to compensate for going away. The best preparation is to remember to take an item of bedding along from home for familiarity, tell the cattery staff about any particular likes and dislikes and behaviour quirks. Your cat will soon feel right at home. You will need to have an up-to-date vaccination certificate on arrival, and preferably a flea/worming treatment done around three days in advance of coming to stay.

Questions About Honeysuckle Farm Cattery

Yes. We offer a selection of well-known brands of wet and dry food. When you book you can tell us what food your cat prefers, and if we don’t have it, or it is a special dietary requirement, we’d request that you bring a supply with you.

We recommend that your cat be treated for worms and fleas before coming to the cattery. This is a preventive measure and necessary (like vaccinations) to safeguard our other guests. The best thing to do is obtain a prescription flea and worm treatment from the vet, because over-the-counter treatments are not always effective. We would like you to tell us what treatment was given and on which date.

When you bring your cat to us we’ll take the details of your veterinarian, and if we are concerned we will contact your own vet and if possible arrange a visit. We do have an excellent local vet on call for emergencies.

Indeed, you can. In fact, we would welcome it. Just give us a ring and we’ll make a date to show you around during our opening hours, which are daily from 10am to 4pm.

Generally feeding time is morning and evening, but we are happy to accommodate individual cats’ preferences. Let us know if you want a personal feeding plan set up.

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