Honeysuckle Farm Cattery

How to Book with us


You may prefer to telephone us on 01225 832629 to check availability of your required dates but you are welcome to use the online form to request your booking.

Before your cat can board with us for the first time, we need certain details and completion of the online registration form below may save you time on arrival.

Cat Registration & Booking Form

Before your cat can board with us for the first time you will need to fill out a registration form. The registration form contains lots of useful information that will help us provide the best care for your cat.

To make the registration process as quick and as easy as possible, please complete this online version prior to your visit. 

For more than four cats please contact us.

    Cat 1

    Cat 2

    Cat 3

    Cat 4

    Start Date for 1st Stay:

    Finish Date for 1st Stay:

    Start Date for 2nd Stay (if required):

    Finish Date for 2nd Stay (if required):

    Start Date for 3rd Stay (if required):

    Finish Date for 3rd Stay (if required):

    Cattery Booking Form

    This booking form is for cats that are already registered with us.

    Prices, Terms & Conditions

    Name: Honeysuckle Farm Cattery
    Sort Code: 09-01-29
    Account Number: 05445729

    Please put your cats name/s and also the booking surname as reference.

    Single cat – £18.00 per day

    Two cats from same family – £23.00 per day
    Three cats from same family – £28.00 per day
    Four cats from same family – £33.00 per day

    These prices are per day and inclusive of VAT. 

    Times for delivery and collection:
    We are open daily between 10am and 4pm but closed on Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

    Please note:
    All cats must be inoculated against feline enteritis and cat influenza at least two weeks prior to boarding. We must see a valid vaccination certificate before we can accept any cat for boarding.

    We are unable to accept unneutered male cats over nine months. We reserve the right to refuse admission to animals suffering from illness. All of these measures are taken for the wellbeing of all the cats, including your own.

    Please note that during busy periods we are not always able to check emails. If you require an immediate response to a booking query please call us on (01225) 832629. We don’t want anyone missing out.

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